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I am VERY happy to share this Amazing New track from E O (a.k.a. Eric Oberthaler)!! It's entirely unlike anything I've heard before, which is indeed the very definition of "Supa-Fresh" ;) And I'm honored to be featured on vocals. I don't think I would be able to do this one justice with a description, so without further ado: A Copious World: Enjoy and Share!!! <3 eO elaborates: "This one has been kicking around the studio for quite some time, and, as you'll hear, it's a bit overgrown with vines and weeds, like... an old house discovered in a forest at twilight when you're not sure whether the safest thing to do is try to find your way out of the woods before dark or just bed down for the night... And, at the same time, it's an upbeat electro-swing(esque) track. Some slightly spooky good ol' fashioned fun! I'm releasing it as a single because it doesn't quite fit with the rest of the crop of new songs that are getting themselves ready for my next record, and it just felt like right time. Kyrstyn Pixton lends her delightful spirit to sing harmony with me. Please listen and enjoy! And, if you'd like to help spread the word, I would be grateful if you shared this with your friends." https://soundcloud.com/soundsliketree/a-copious-world


Big Bounce Shot Kyrstyn CroppedKyrstyn Pixton is a Bay Area based songwriter and producer on a mission to merge the subtlety and heart of vocally-based composition with the enveloping production and danceability of electronica. Creating unique live shows that blend piano, voice, electronics, and even impromptu loops from audience participation, her sound weaves intricate song-spells with luscious vocal harmonies and vast hard-hitting electro-acoustic soundscapes.

She has worked with many artists including Beats Antique, The Polish Ambassador, Rena Jones, Govinda, Kaminanda, & many more. Some of her past performance venues include Glade (UK), Lightning in a Bottle, Cafe Du Nord, Fox Theater (Oakland), & the Crystal Ballroom (Portland). Her debut album "Embyrs" made quite a splash, enduringly proving to be the kind of album listeners play over and over again, and more is on the way!


"Elegant winds of harmonic wisdom...Timeless Beauty ...(~*~)”

Kaminanda Music

“...nothing prepared me for what I witnessed when I saw her perform at Emrg’n'See in 2009... She utterly blew my mind. Kyrstyn is one of the most creative vocalists & innovative pop-electronica artists on the West Coast scene currently.”

Wahkeena Sitka - Top Albums of 2011

"Kyrstyn Pixton's beautiful voice and passionate lyrics are nothing short of breathtaking.  Her words are thoughtful and directly from the heart."

Papadosio's Notes - Rootwire Festival

"Kyrstyn Pixton was the highlight of my Emrgnsee Music Festival 2009. Her improv set blew my mind."

Solovox - Sweet Musix

“'Sometimes flowers grow from the most barren rocks.' It is a very old and now cliched phrase, but still very true. In a music industry devoid of meaning and power, there comes young singers, artists, who are unique. May Krystyn be heard and felt, now, and in the coming years. Her voice is spring after the long winter. ”

James Bravewolf - Green Sun 17

“One of the incredible things about Kyrstyn’s music is the production value. It is highly produced, twisted and tweaked in the studio to perfection... Through and through, Embyrs is a sweetly epic serenade through time, space and everything in between.”

Yes Tribe Inclusive Interview

"The voice of angels rides to the depths of your soul on atmospheric beats of revelation. Light and dark are flawlessly merged with no conflict of duality in divine perfection. Her message is strong, inspiring and nectar sweet. TUNE IN, TURN ON & ENJOY THE RIDE!"

Lulu's Chocolate

Teaching & Sessions

Up your Musical Ante!

kstudio 5Music Production Lessons:

If you've been thinking about getting Music and Ableton lessons, Songwriting help, Live-Looping know-how, Music Production help, etc, now is a great time! I would love to offer you some of the gems of my experience I've gained in these realms over the years.  Many people have asked me for lessons or production help at times when I was too busy to offer it, and now is one of those times that I can! I offer both in-person and skype sessions for $40/hr, and I mostly work over the internet.

A blurb about my experience and training: In my college years I attended an acclaimed music technology program at University of Michigan Music school, and then went on to explore my own self-taught methods which over ten years yielded a simple, unique and flexible method of song writing and production. In this very quickly changing music industry, not to mention our lives, staying creative and flexible is the best way to go, and I can share with you what I have distilled!

One of the techniques I've been perfecting over the last 8 years, and would love to share, is my Live-Looping Module, which doubles as an always available song-writing and production template. (Here is an example) This means when you want to write or produce a song you can always open up one of many templates with all your favorite sounds waiting, skipping the laborious process of looking for synth and drum sounds you like before you can even get creative. It's very important to keep the creative flow open when it wants to be, and with a little know-how and practice, music technology can be the best friend you could possibly want for your musical outpourings. Here's an example of some live looping with my customized template:

While some people assume my music is produced by other people, this is a good place to clear that up and say: I do produce all my own music, unless I've indicated otherwise in the song title itself, and the album featured on this page is a good example of what I do.

If you’re interested, send an email to kyrstyn.sessions@gmail.com letting me know what you would like to accomplish and I’ll get right back to you! I look forward to upping your musical ante!

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Vocal Recording Sessions

Want Original Vocals for your Song?

If you like my music, and would like to work with the original vocal Stylings of Ms. K-P herself, well, now you can! I am a self-sufficient Vocalist & Producer and am currently available for Vocal Recording Session work, and Song-Writing assistance. All my work can be done in person or via the web. I can write and record original vocal lines with harmonies within 2-12 hours depending on the song and specifications, and I am also happy to learn pre-written vocal lines. Depending on what you want, I either record in my studio and send files to you, or record in an outside studio of your choice. I work mostly over the internet with file transfers and use Skype as a meeting medium. I have written and recorded for many producers, including Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, Govinda, Kaminanda, and many more, some of which can be heard here: http://kyrstynsong.com/album/i-alone-remixes" target="_blank">

I have also written and produced my own album which you can listen to above.

If you like the vocals you hear and would like to learn more, email me at Kyrstyn.Sessions@Gmail.com with info and links about your project, and what you are looking to do and I will gladly get back to you!

My vocal recording rate is $50/hour. I look forward to Upping your musical Ante!

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Press & Booking: UnfathomableThings@gmail.com

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