Kyrstyn is a Portland based songwriter and producer—a multitalented performance artist creating live shows that blend piano, voice, electronics, and impromptu loops from audience participation.

Her sound blends intricate song-writing with luscious vocal harmonies and vast hard-hitting electro-acoustic soundscapes.  Imagine a meld of Imogen Heap, Florence & the Machine, and Joanna Newsom, backed by Air, Plaid, Dead Can Dance, and Apparat.  It’s a bit like that.  She recently released her first full-length album EMBYRS, and more is on the way. 

She has worked with many artists including Auditory Canvas, Lynx, Rena Jones, Lila Rose, Govinda, Kaminanda, Beats Antique, & Akara.  Some of her past performance venues include Glade (UK), Lightning in a Bottle, Cafe Du Nord, Fox Theater (Oakland), & the Crystal Ballroom (Portland).

                Copyright 2012 Kyrstyn Pixton.  All rights reserved

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Hi Everyone! :)


Boy Oh Boy, Here it comes!  I'm so excited!  The new Album will be released ever so soon, alongside a fantastic music video, and I can feel the rumblings like a distant approaching train.  Yes, Springtime marks the release of yet un-named "Embyrs the Sequel", and so much heart, work & distilled goodness has gone into this already..  Wow.  But there is much to be finessed & perfected still!  


In order to actually finish the Album, it needs to be Properly recorded, Mastered, Printed, and Cover Art-ed, all of which cost a little Penny this Songstress doesn't yet have. Soooo, I'm launching a Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds for this final push!  Do take a gander at the Video Link to see and hear a bit of what I've been up to!  There are only 30 days to reach the goal. But I must say, the Rewards for contributors are Excellent!  You can pre-order the album for $10, and get other great things too.   *This is the Kickstarter Page*


I hope this update finds you well!  I for one am looking forward to the turning-inward of Winter, followed by the turning-outward & blossoming of its beauty!  May this season bring cocoon-magic to us all :)